The About Page!

I'm a writer, caffeine junkie & word/language geek who is drawn to the the arts, humanities & all the damn sciences. I believe in movies, music, theater, rock concerts, hushed museums, pubs, cafes, big fat parties & other variations on the campfire.

But especially movies.

cc = a childhood nickname that didn't really stick but that I loved
nomad = I am certain sort of one

My name-name is Catherine & credited as writer/author as C.T.Thatch

I am working on a novel (Newsboy), attempting a play (Dude Srsly), a screenplay (the JuliePaul project) & some time machines. If you like my stuff & would like to help my poverty stricken ass along the way, please consider contributing to my

Paypal: ccnomad
...or just some coffee

If you are so kind as to support me, whether this way or even just a note of feedback, I will write you your very own personal haiku 😮 🎉

By email? Place 'Haiku' in the subject head & write a couple of your very favorite things in the body. IRL Postcard? Same instructions, but include physical address. It's fun to get stuff in the mail!