Monday, November 21, 2016

Shouting Into a Void: Office-Holders, Please Stop Appealing to the President-Elect’s Humanity

Good office-holders like De Blasio & Elizabeth Warren communicate to the president-elect assuming he has the capacity to be moved, or fondly recall. Their appeals assume he is reasonable and that he might have any concern for others’ interests & well-being. Or that now with the mantle of office in hand, he might at least act like it.
Office holders: Please stop. He’s beginning to crumple up that mantle so he can toss it in a corner come Inauguration Day. I’m fervently hoping he’s premature & wasting his efforts.
The president-elect listens for what he can exploit, distorts that area to fit his aims in, and leaves them there to infest & infect. They grow like poisonous weeds, warping their space beyond recognition.
Your appeals speak of your American good nature & hopeful optimism, and it’s more important than ever that you keep it and use it. But you must recognise & behave with the understanding that it’s not what will have an effect on Trump. It’s not what will work. And continuing to communicate with him as if it were, or might, is a TELL for him. It says he’s safe to continue watering those weeds; that our inurement to his cackling antics is so thorough that we aren’t seeing straight.
You should never give in to cynicism or any habit of supposing poorly about others, but you are not negotiating with a rational person who wants to enter public office in the spirit of service. This person does not have any particular well-wish for his country & fellow people of Earth (not to mention other life here). You are coming up against a depraved, power-mad sociopath. Though in our country we should never have such an occasion to rise to, here we are.
Office-holders: please rise to that occasion.
Thank you.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bittersweet End to the Dance with the Devil

The incredible National Theater of Scotland has given the world such a big treat, it's hard to know where to start. ;) If you have half a chance to experience The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, leap like a lively, lubricated landlord & do not miss it. It's an intimate masterwork & utterly unique theater experience. I worked this show for the last three weeks, and fell so hard for the actors telling this story that I surrendered myself to rhyme & meter to dash off a wee love note...

My treasured Alasdair, Annie Grace, Davie, Jessica & Paul,

Paul McCole, Jessica Hardwick, Annie Grace, David McKay & Alasdair Macrae

I knew right from the very start
That I’d enjoy Prudencia Hart
But what I couldn’t know
Was what rich seeds the play would sow;
Rather than with oft-repeated views becoming tiring,
The whole became so much - then ever more & more - inspiring.

Expertly coordinated music
Chimes & fiddles ringing through the air
I’ve learned from watching you, & I shall use it
I mean more than just sounds, O Alasdair.

I feel like you’re a person of the hearth, my Annie Grace
A special light & spirit in your words & lovely face
On days that I felt hard to reach, you sought me anyway
You’re Grace indeed, so warm & sweet; I’ll miss you every day.

He who affixes spoons before the session:
My heart expands from rib to rib to say
Your laughter and your deep complex expressions
I’m moved at times to tears, Davie McKay.

By you as well, strong Jess; aren’t you a treasure!
Your giftedness is rich & runs so deep
To watch you work was certainly a pleasure
An inspiration I’ll forever keep.

I understand there’s only the one Colin
a singular sensation of a role
My faith is in this actor; he is all in
Have you not an extra Paul McCole?

(Paul, one evening you did say ‘We keep moving you around!’
Though I said ‘I don’t mind one bit’; alas, my chair’d been run aground
Secretly upset I was, to be back there all tucked away
I tell you, I wanted to cry ‘I cannae see the fuckin’ plae!!!’)

Within you there is something that’s elusive
You’re greater than the sum of all your parts
Your voices will stay with me, that’s conclusive
O cast of Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

I’ll miss you. Though I’m certainly not bitter
My spirits for a time will remain sore
Better to have loved then found on Twitter…
I’ll keep a hope to see you all once more

Yours in actorliness and writerliness, and with such unending warm admiration & affection,


P.S. May your nest be e’er theeckened (but with live nights).

P.P.S. Nites?