Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seahawks XLVIII

I will update this post as Superbowl Sunday creeps along (10 hours 'til gametime). I have pics from Superbowl Blvd. & a few stray thoughts on having been in the host city when my team is participating (very exciting). I'll probably cull cherry tweets & other interwebs stuff during game time, and who knows what else. But I thought I'd kick it off (heh) with a  Love Letter from Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) about Coach Pete Carroll (@PeteCarroll). Thanks to Bleacher Report for publishing this.

I could tell then there was something that separated Carroll from others coaches who recruited me. You could feel the positive energy, how upbeat he was and how much he believed in what he was saying. He had a different aura to him. - Richard Sherman
I adore and admire Coach Carroll in such a great, big way that even among my pantheon of beloved heroes he's a favorite. And of course he's in the spotlight lately (mine and Planet Earth's) due to helping his team show up at Superbowl XLVIII. I've never heard a Seahawk, Trojan or any other player/colleague of his say much more than a teasey snippet about him, so finding and reading this letter first thing this Superbowl morning was a balm for my spirit, and I'm so grateful to Sherman. Thanks, #25. :)

See you soon.

Update I:

Okay so this is pretty much the best thing ever (I grinned & clapped like a fool):

MAY THE BEST ZOO (Woodland Park *ahem*) WIN!

If we win? What!?

Thanks a million to Cute Overload.

Update II:

omg!!! An excellent, totally unexpected surprise: I just scored a ticket to The McSwiggan's XLVIII watch party. Holy cow, open bar, open food, packed full of the12thMan. The kingpin Seahawks bar here in NYC is Carlow East, where I've gone quite a few times to cheer on the Hawks. But it's a medium-sized spot, hardly big enough even for us (NYCHawkers) by the end of the season. There are lots of spots for 12s, but McSwiggan's is Carlow's sister bar & a ticket (to either spot) for tonight is $100. Well, a fab fellow Seahawks fan scored seats the actual game, so she was giving away her ticket. I told her she had a taker, packed up some Puppy Bowl swag from our big event (I work for Discovery TSX), scurried uptown and nabbed that ticket. She loves her swag & I love that I won't have to take my chances (& spend drink money) elsewhere. Yay. :D

Also, have an awesome graphic from The Oatmeal:

What a flippin' genius.

It's quarter after two here in New York. if I don't get to post more stuff here again before the game, I certainly will after. I still have to fix my pics from XLVIII Blvd. I, along with 25 trillion other people, will use twitter during the actual game, so I'll see you there.

Update III:

omg omfg omg omg omg omg WE WON THE FUCKING SUPERBOWL.

Massive congrats to the Seahawks. I've been cheering for you since my eighth birthday (the date of the very first season game, 9-12-76), through thick and thin. It's always worth it & I always love the living daylights out of you, but this sublime moment takes it to a whole new dimension. THANK YOU!!! #LOBrules, and Pete Carroll, you are my hero.