Friday, November 8, 2013

Lower East Side

My comedy of errors, as I've been referring to my first year in Manhattan, is ending on a good note, some happy news. I am headed south. And east.

Harlem has a great history & I love its particular caché, but it ain't home. It could be, if it weren't so far north of (almost) all the fun stuff as to feel apart from it; alas, 'tis. I want to be able to walk or zip around in minutes on the train. I don't want to commute from where I sleep to where I live my life. That is part & parcel of the whole point of living in the city. And certainly, of living in The City.

Mayda, a super nice lady & crazy-in-a-good-way friend from work, offered to sublet a room to me for such cut rate rent I'd be an idiot and a half to pass it up. Never mind that I'm in no position to pass it up :P. So as of next Friday, I live on FDR Drive just north of Houston. If someone wanted to toss me in the river, it would now be the East River rather than the Hudson. I can now walk to Prosperity Dumpling (this is a big deal) and the rest of Chinatown, and Little Italy. And Gramercy, the Flatiron District, Lower Manhattan, NoHo, The Village, Midtown, etc., etc. If I don't want to pay for a MetroCard, I can walk the eight long east-west blocks + twenty short north-south blocks to work (Times Square). That's a hike, but it's realistic. I've walked from Gramercy to Harlem (twice, once in a fucking snowstorm wearing a light hoodie & Chucks), but let's just say that was...not realistic.

My birthday meal at Prosperity Dumpling:

omfg so so so delish.

I move in next Friday, & I'm rather excited about the whole thing. I still have yet to bust out on my own (meaning rent my own damned apartment of some description, featuring my own key & my signature on the agreement), but I'll get there. This is a good half-step up.