Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Asking for Questions

My mind was blank. (Blank and a half, on a stick, is how I believe I put it on Twitter.) So I cast a net for questions. Get me to chew on something. I got two questions right away; here they are with their answers.

+Laura Kramarsky asked: What makes a number lucky?

Humans, who are charming and emotional pattern-seekers, are prone to cross-reference the items in their memories, creating associations and ascribing special meaning, like luck, to certain details included, such as a number. A serendipitous event that could have only happened because you turned right on 9th, defying a long standing habit of using another route, for example, may result in a sense that the number nine is lucky.

@popqueenie asked: How do you feel about cyborgs?

I have always had a certain spot in my heart for monsters and bad guys, wanting so much to believe they were not really bad all the way through. And/or I thought they were so fucking cool. When I saw Star Wars at age 9, after standing in line for 3 hours+, I was riveted by Darth Vader, a cyborg, monster and bad guy, who was colossally fucking cool. But he was also a bad guy whom I saw tremble somehow during contact with the wretched soul to whom he was answerable. So there was humanity in there somewhere. All that to say that my feelings about our standard novel/movie/tv etc. cyborgs involve that cautious, dark slice of sympathy and hope we sometimes develop for the flawed and the damaged who fall to a terrible place.

So how about that? I am so very grateful for the stimuli!