Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If you can think of a lifetime as a story being written in a book, mine is currently on the page between Part I and Part II where there's a picture:

This metaphorical illustration page - I'm enjoying the transition, the limbo of space between that page and the next, which simply says 'Part II: New York'. I'm still here in my hometown, Seattle. I'll hop the train on the 27th & stay on it for several days, laying over in Chicago just long enough to get some pizza & take in the vibe.

I'm gonna say (although it's not the truth, to my conscious knowledge :P) that the entries thus far here at [tao of nomad] have been a little warm-up exercise. I'm going to begin using it as a journal. I'll note some stuff down about this limbo time & the travel, then on December 1st (assuming the Empire Builder & Lake Shore Limited don't derail or a Mack truck doesn't hit me on the way to Hamilton Heights), I'll get busy writing my first few sentences as a New Yorker.

Source: google.com via Coco on Pinterest


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sulawesi is one of my top five favorite place names ever. It's musical, even rhythmic, even kinda groovy. It sounds something like an African name, doesn't it? It's an Indonesian island, an old neighbor of Borneo and the Spice Islands. It' a cousin of Sumatra, my favorite producer of coffee on this planet. It looks like a baby cartoon alligator stomping around:

Chomping on an airplane.

Wow, this shot:

Sexy, splishy, jelly sunwater featuring colorful Sulawesi natives.

...and that's the bulk of what I know so far. One of the cool things about this exercise is that it's giving me a real introduction to places I've little more (occasionally not at all more) than barely heard of. I'm fascinated to discover that Sulawesi has an incredible number of endemic species, including a probably very tasty little number called the Orange Delight Shrimp:


Okay, they're kicking me outta the cafe. Rats. See you soon.


Woo hoo, gnu laptop! A Chromebook. I'll think up a new entry & write it a bit later this evening.