Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The View from Where I Live

The view from where I live, near Riverside Park in Hamilton Heights (adjacent Harlem West). I'm staying with my old friend Bernie's old friend Bill, both of whom I've known for right around 25 years. He has a big, spectacular apartment with views to match. We're on the 10th floor of a pre-war (1912) building:

Directly North and down to Riverside Dr.

Same, but up. That's the George Washington Bridge on the upper left of both photos. Why this pic & the next are different sizes than the rest is a mystery to me. I didn't have to shrink these two to make 'em fit; I did have to shrink the rest, even though they're all from the same source, my phone, taken at the same time. ???

The George Washington Bridge in all its glory.

The west end of the GWB and the north end of the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore north.

Jersey Shore west.

Jersey shore west & Riverside Park.

Riverside Park, slightly north & downward from previous photo.

These were taken with my phone & left unedited (I may deal with them later), so forgive the quality. You get the idea. :) See them better & be able to click to embiggen here.