Monday, December 3, 2012

Part II: New York

When I was 14, I promised myself that when I grew up, I'd go live in New York City.  I arrived here in Manhattan on Friday to the most beautiful kickoff weekend possible. I'm really happy.

It took just a moment to percolate: it is THREE DECADES later; I am 44. I had been known to nod my head (at least in comprehension & consideration) to the idea of not going until 'ready'; they said that town will eat you for breakfast. Dire warnings from all over. You get mugged. By 16 inch cockroaches that fly and keep teenage mutant rats to do their dishes. New York smells, they said. The people are terse, impatient, unapproachable. It's SO expensive. Expensive!!! But I knew in the very fiber of the core of the guts of my innermost soul that I love New York. 'Ready'? Okay, but what does that mean? For me? I felt like I was born 'ready'.

Maybe I was & maybe I wasn't, but I can tell you that right now feels like a cosmically exactly right time.

I'll give you nutshells of the first days here, the kickoff weekend and today, tomorrow. In the meantime, here is this sloppy but possibly [insert vaguely redeeming quality here :P] thing I wrote while high on railway ethereality in North Dakota. Maybe I'll tidy it up sometime. Probably not. I guess it's an inner-self-portrait of sorts:

Cannon: Elements

Elvis, angels & saints. My Pantheon. 
Yoda, Buddha, Evinrude, E.T, Super Grover. 
Certain musicians, craftsmen, messengers
Mechanics, artisans, soldiers, spies.

Phantoms, ancestors and beasts

Monkey & dragonfly, dog & orca, owl.

The nautical & the urban

Anchors & bowsprits, masts.
Trains, otherwise.

Ancestral memory. Architecture.    

The ever-dynamic meaning of home.
Launchings & time machines.     

Authors & actors, poets. Stories.
Coming to understand this thing as a narrative 
(‘Part I, Part II, Epilogue’)
The implications of that, the sacred ascribed, 
The careful etching of otherwise toss-off things.

It’s a box filled with small treasures, 
Viewed with an old, shopworn lens.

Sepia, time & wonder. 

A detail takes on its greater meaning, 
Gets fitted in to give the whole its greater meaning.   

Words, syntax & context
This infinitely variable machine, a meaning interface. 

The mathmatic, the cosmic/quantumWhere it come meet us, that point in sub-time/space Where they paint sea monsters on the maps The quarks and the anti-matter play.
Music, color & love.