Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If you can think of a lifetime as a story being written in a book, mine is currently on the page between Part I and Part II where there's a picture:

This metaphorical illustration page - I'm enjoying the transition, the limbo of space between that page and the next, which simply says 'Part II: New York'. I'm still here in my hometown, Seattle. I'll hop the train on the 27th & stay on it for several days, laying over in Chicago just long enough to get some pizza & take in the vibe.

I'm gonna say (although it's not the truth, to my conscious knowledge :P) that the entries thus far here at [tao of nomad] have been a little warm-up exercise. I'm going to begin using it as a journal. I'll note some stuff down about this limbo time & the travel, then on December 1st (assuming the Empire Builder & Lake Shore Limited don't derail or a Mack truck doesn't hit me on the way to Hamilton Heights), I'll get busy writing my first few sentences as a New Yorker.

Source: google.com via Coco on Pinterest