Monday, September 24, 2012


When I do that thing that's as close as I get to meditating, I often transport my mind to Nepal. In folklore, the name comes of a phrase that means 'Looked after by the Sage'. It's poetic there, it's beautiful, and I know it has a certain deep, silent power. It's those tall, craggy peaks, I'm sure, like this one known as Sagarmatha  in Nepali:

And also the simple, nutritious comfort food, like Dal Bhat, one of my favorite meals:

 It's that long, long history, steeped in Hinduism & Buddhism, the most peaceable and intelligent religions there are. They are non-demanding, non-exclusionary, lovely, prayerful, contemplative & joyful. I am not in the least bit a religious person, but the earthly humanity of their spiritual tradition sings to me somehow, and I have no qualm with it.

And I'm not a mystical thinker, but I can let myself get a little prayerful or at least meditative when I think on the Far East. It's safe for me somehow and it's among the best shots I have at accessing the poet or artist in me. I want to bust out of the day-to-day dimension & connect with all humanity & all that is; Nepal seems to have become a portal of sorts for that for me. 

Dhanyabaad for reading. See you soon. :)