Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lessons emerge!

So, my premise for this blog is to write pocket-sized, zen musings on places in the world. So far, so good. But I must have supposed I'd have a long beginning run of places I knew. I wanted their names alone to be evocative enough to write an entry without (much) up-brushing.

However! I have found that, as with most things in this life, my whim doesn't always stick with the program.  It'll go, 'hey, how 'bout a completely ridiculous bit of wordplay dictate today's entry?' And like an indulgent parent, I say 'sure!' and we have this.  I also very, very much want whoever stops by to either click on the little Twitter bird to the right (hint hint), or leave a comment, giving me an idea for where to 'go' next. Bonus (3 internets) if you tell us why or some other bit of background.

Which means I might often be addressing places I've never even heard of, let alone know anything about. So that's being mixed in early, the possibilities now even more endless. I'm embracing doing a little research and/or asking friends & fam for insight.

Thanks for reading! Back to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday.