Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frankfurt am Main

In honor of my (finally!) seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight, Frankfurt it is. I went to its Wikipedia entry to 'brush up', only to realize that I know almost nothing. How can I just now be learning the city's proper name (see title)? I'm feeling so unworldly. Frankfurt is an Alpha World City among even the other Global Cities. I did not know that either - I wouldn't have thought it was big enough. I did know that it was Europe's Wall Street, but  to be be honest, when I think of Frankfurt, I think of beer & brats. Same as just about anywhere in Germany, I suppose. When I think of Germany in general, I think of driving. Fast. Really, really, really, really, really fast.

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That would be (one stretch of) the Autobahn. For all the tribulations I've had with driving, I do love it; it scares me irl, but not in my wildest, nearly cartoony Autobahn fantasies. Zzzzooooooom. 

In conclusion, I (clearly) knoweth not the Frankfurt. So I'll study up a bit more, and some time down the road, I'll revisit it. Time for a(nother) beer.