Friday, September 21, 2012


If you take a cardboard wrapping paper tube and swing it around so that it makes a hollow whirring sound, when you hit the dining room table with it, it goes ... BANFF. That was my first thought upon hearing of Banff, Alberta when I was like six or seven. The adults were talking about the hot springs the town is famous for, and they sounded very enticing to a water lover like me. 

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I loved the crazy idea of steamy hot pools in wintery, northern surroundings. I thought I might like to float there all day as big fat snowflakes fell on my face. Warm & cool, cozy & chilly. Hotsprings are healing, they say. Now that I'm an adult, that part appeals very much to me, too. Urban life, long work history, no real vacation (seriously, ever), stresses & troubles, etc., all make the idea of relaxing outdoors in warm, healing water, watching the snow fall, seem like heaven.